Getting pipeline for GstRTSPServer

watertreader watertreader at
Wed Apr 7 06:28:49 UTC 2021


GstRTSPServer is used in my appplication to launch a video stream. However I
would require greater control (to start/stop/record/Restream a file) which
can only be achieve if I have the access to the pipeline object?

Is there a way beside subclassing GstRTSPMEdiaFactory to get GstPipeline (or
maybe to get GstRTSPMedia or GstBin)? Or is there other way to do the above

Also would need some comments on the following control techniques
  >>>>   using valve(to control for start/stop/record) 
 >>>>   using threads... maybe start video recording in Gthreads... then
when time comes to stop video recording... kill the threads


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