Updating GStreamer Editing Services Rust Bindings

Luke McGartland luke.mcgartland at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 15:43:50 UTC 2021

Hi all, I'm looking to start using Transitions in the GES using the Rust
bindings but I noticed they currently aren't included in the latest crate.
I've downloaded the `gstreamer-rs` and have built the
`gstreamer-editing-services-rs` crate, but it doesn't seem to be properly
linking everything together? For example, when I open the Rust generated
docs I see new structs that I've added as well as the existing ones, but
none of the rich documentation is there, nor are any traits showing that
they are implemented for structs. Diffing the autogenerated .rs files
doesn't show a difference for anything other than the TransitionClip struct
I've added. What might I be missing? Thanks!
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