Updating GStreamer Editing Services Rust Bindings

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at centricular.com
Thu Apr 8 16:00:25 UTC 2021

On Thu, 2021-04-08 at 08:43 -0700, Luke McGartland wrote:
> Hi all, I'm looking to start using Transitions in the GES using the
> Rust bindings but I noticed they currently aren't included in the
> latest crate. I've downloaded the `gstreamer-rs` and have built the
> `gstreamer-editing-services-rs` crate, but it doesn't seem to be
> properly linking everything together?

What do you mean with not properly linking everything together?

To add transitions, you added the new types to the `Gir.toml` and re-
ran generator.py or did you do anything else?

> For example, when I open the Rust generated docs I see new structs
> that I've added as well as the existing ones, but none of the rich
> documentation is there, nor are any traits showing that they are
> implemented for structs. Diffing the autogenerated .rs files doesn't
> show a difference for anything other than the TransitionClip struct
> I've added. What might I be missing? Thanks!

To get more documentation than just the type definitions and function
signatures you need to enable the `embed-lgpl-docs` cargo feature when
generating the docs.
This then injects the LGPL-licensed docs into the code before
generating the documentation.

For getting the documentation of the newly added types added too you
also need to run `gir` in the `-m doc` mode and update the
corresponding `docs.md` file in the docs directory.
That currently does not happen automatically,
see https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/gstreamer-rs/-/issues/322

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