Updating GStreamer Editing Services Rust Bindings

Luke McGartland luke.mcgartland at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 16:47:46 UTC 2021

Thanks Sebastian!
Yes I updated the `Gir.toml` with the objects I think are relevant and
re-ran generator.py:

name = "GES.OperationClip"
status = "generate"

name = "GES.TransitionClip"
status = "generate"
name = "new"
nullable_return_is_error = "Failed to create transition clip"

name = "GES.BaseTransitionClip"
status = "generate"

Can confirm that these structs were added to the crate.

I think where I got confused was that the docs, like you mentioned, didn't
have all the rich information so I thought something was wrong. What was
very confusing was that the trait implementations weren't showing up in the
docs (ie on the Clip page it didn't automatically have a link to the
ClipExt page, where lots of those functions are documented, but the ClipExt
page existed). I will try and follow your steps to add the LGPL docs!
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