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Luke McGartland luke.mcgartland at
Wed Apr 14 16:01:31 UTC 2021

Hi all! I've been playing around with GES and have noticed a couple things.
My timeline consists of 720p H264 clips and I've configured the decoder
rank to prioritize the NVDEC plugin (offloading the decoding of the H264 to
an NVIDIA GPU). This helps keep my CPU usage lower (around 10%), but
frequently playback stalls when going from one clip to another, or during a

What will happen is that the video will stop playing (the audio sometimes
keeps going) and the video won't start again until the next clip in the
timeline. Note, this also happens when using a software based decoder. I'm
wondering if there's a way to debug or configure GES to solve this? Is
there a way to configure GES to preload the clips buffers into memory a bit
more before the frame is requested? As I'm running this in the cloud, I've
tried boosting the CPU cores but that doesn't resolve the issue, leading me
to wonder if there's something I can reconfigure in the software logic.

I'm also using the Gstreamer Rust bindings if that makes any difference.

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