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Wed Apr 14 16:29:14 UTC 2021

Follow up: I'm getting these messages from GST_DEBUG when this behavior

Dropping frame due to QoS. start:0:00:00.166666666
deadline:0:00:00.166666666 earliest_time:0:00:03.067287823

On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 9:01 AM Luke McGartland <luke.mcgartland at>

> Hi all! I've been playing around with GES and have noticed a couple
> things. My timeline consists of 720p H264 clips and I've configured the
> decoder rank to prioritize the NVDEC plugin (offloading the decoding of the
> H264 to an NVIDIA GPU). This helps keep my CPU usage lower (around 10%),
> but frequently playback stalls when going from one clip to another, or
> during a transition.
> What will happen is that the video will stop playing (the audio sometimes
> keeps going) and the video won't start again until the next clip in the
> timeline. Note, this also happens when using a software based decoder. I'm
> wondering if there's a way to debug or configure GES to solve this? Is
> there a way to configure GES to preload the clips buffers into memory a bit
> more before the frame is requested? As I'm running this in the cloud, I've
> tried boosting the CPU cores but that doesn't resolve the issue, leading me
> to wonder if there's something I can reconfigure in the software logic.
> I'm also using the Gstreamer Rust bindings if that makes any difference.
> Thanks,
> Luke
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