building gstreamer on a coral mini board

Claus Denk denk at
Fri Apr 16 06:13:49 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I would like to do a project with gstreamer using webrtc on the google 
coral mini dev board, which is arm. It comes with "Mendel Linux" and 
webrtc is not part of the gstreamer setup in the distribution. So, after 
hitting a "plugin not found" message I downloaded gstreamer from git and 
made a native build on the arm board. The build finished but my test run 
shows 42 fails and 7 timeouts. What would be the recommended path to get 
a working gstreamer setup (with webrtc plugin) on this platform, if this 
is possible? Also, I am not sure if gstreamer needs some hardware 
specific components (for doing stuff on the GPU for example) or if I can 
use the standard version.

I have also tried building the Mendel distribution with it's own 
gstreamer (1.14), but I still don't understand the build process and got 
stuck with an error. There is very little documentation about Mendel 
Linux so I would prefer to build my own gstreamer from source if possible.

Kind regards, Claus

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