Cerbero build: how to specify gst_plugins_bad source & locally patch?

Tom Gilbert twcgilbert at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 11:03:23 UTC 2021

When building GStreamer using cerbero (cross compiling on Linux for Android
or iOS) I can see how to control the version of e.g. libnice used - by
modifying libnice.recipe

I can set:
stype = SourceType.GIT
remotes = {'origin': 'https://gitlab.com/libnice/libnice.git'}
commit = 'some_commit_hash'

If I want to locally patch the source I can do so, by adding a patch and
referring to it in libnice.recipe. I am doing this now to force enable
consent freshness for NiceAgent.

I'd prefer to apply a patch to gstwebrtcice.c to select consent freshness
when creating the NiceAgent, but I can't work out what determines the
webrtcbin source that is used.

gst_plugins_bad-1.0.recipe gives a tarball_checksum, but that seems to
refer to the last packaged release rather than the code actually used when
building. I must be missing something?
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