Error Trying to decode KLV

gastronome joe.gastronome at
Fri Apr 23 14:42:27 UTC 2021


I'm trying to decode an incoming KLV stream on a video stream but when the
stream comes in, I'm getting the following error:

Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in.
no suitable plugins found:
Missing decoder: meta/x-klv (meta/x-klv, parsed=(boolean)true)

I'm running on an android system and I've tried both GStreamer 1.16.2 and
1.18.4. I think I've also set the Caps correctly:

    GstCaps *caps = gst_caps_new_empty_simple( "meta/x-klv" );

    gst_bin_add_many( ..., ... ,caps, ..., NULL );

Does anyone know what would cause this error to happen? The video comes in
fine when I don't include the KLV in the stream.

I'm sure I haven't given enough info so let me know if there is more
information that I need to include.

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