video playback and subtitles management and performances

karimchtx karim_atiki at
Tue Jun 1 18:05:49 UTC 2021

Hi all,

currenty developing a media player with gstreamer...not using playbin
 I'd need to manage subtitles yet.

Though I'm not very familiar with subtitiles, I understand the various
formats availables from a demuxer pad or from an external source.

It looks like /textoverlay /and /subtitleoverlay /are 2 famous plugins to
manage subtitles...knowing that /subtitleoverlay /maanges more formats than
/textoverlay/ AFAIK.
Is there a difference between the 2 plugins regarding the performances and
HW accel considerations ?

Secondly, if we consider a classic pipeline for a video playback: whether a
subtitle is selected or not by the user, is it a bad idea to keep a
/textoverlay /or /subtitleoverlay /element in  the pipeline ? With the
subtitle pad not sinnked ? Is there a major performance penalty ? 



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