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> Dear All, 
> I am new to GStreamer, and I am working on making my pipeline robust against
> sudden disconnections and reconnections to the camera, and robust in general.
> It should be possible to remove the camera instantly and add it again, as well
> as being able to handle network failures without crashing. 
> Does anyone have any recommendations? Should I restore the pipeline some way
> (perhaps at some specific stage in the pipeline), or should I create a new
> pipeline? and perhaps some tips for doing so? 

You could start with a basic implementation at application level. This consist
of monitoring errors, and cycling the pipeline through NULL / PLAYING whenever
that occurs. Now, if the camera was unplugged, you likely want to use the
GstDeviceMoinitor, and then wait for the camera to come back before restarting
the pipeline. For the network aspect, the protocol will highly impact your
decision. It's it's multicast streaming, there is very little to be done, but
it's it's TCP, the remote side might have bone away for a moment, a try loop
with a delay would likely be appropriate.

> Thank you in advance, and kind regards, 
> Sarah 
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