Ending a pipeline with EOS sometimes hangs

klex0 alex at kordecki.de
Tue Mar 9 12:17:01 UTC 2021


i have a pipeline for interleaving two RTP audio streams and writing them
into a file. I have around 100-200 of these pipelines running in parallel
and around 30.000 of them running per day.

To end a pipeline, I send an EOS Event and wait with
"bus.timed_pop_filtered(Gst.SECOND, Gst.MessageType.EOS |
Gst.MessageType.ERROR)" for the EOS Message to be sure, everything is

Every few minutes a "timed_pop_filtered" didn't exit, even not with a
timeout. I found this happens reproducible when only one RTP stream has send
packets but not the other. I have fixed this with supervising the SEGMENT
events on each RTP stream. But never the less, I still have this problem of
hanging threads in timed_pop_filtered and currently have no idea about the

Is there a way to get "timed_pop_filtered" to timeout? Or do any of you have
an idea what can induce this problem?


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