Cannot play a 4K mkv content with v4l2h265dec plugin

karimchtx karim_atiki at
Tue Mar 23 15:38:53 UTC 2021

Thanks Nicolas.
That's actually what I did, set max-size-bytes=0.

Finally I found out the problem was better related to the parameters of the
monitor used.
It's a 4K Samsung big-screen. And additional features such as "auto smooth"
options were activated.
We've deactivated this option as the screens used in production won't have
this option set.

And there we are, the playback is smooth...let's say at 99 % :)

I still need to investigate furether inot wayland/weston regarding the
mode's frequency.
I've set weston with:

mode=3840x2160 at 60

Knowing that the movie framerate is @ 24000/1001

If I change it to 3840x2160 at 24...the playback is completely and awfully
stuttering. Well that's a part of wayland/weston that's a bit obscure  for
my understanding.

Thanks again, I've appreciated your help on this subject.


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