Cannot play a 4K mkv content with v4l2h265dec plugin

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at
Tue Mar 23 12:21:47 UTC 2021

Le mar. 23 mars 2021 05 h 45, karimchtx <karim_atiki at> a écrit :

> Hi Nicolas,
> Thanks a lot for your recommendations.
> It helped me a lot to tune my pipeline !
> I have integrated the matroskademux, as well as queues before/after the hw
> decoding.
> As I'm writing this mail, the movie is still playing.
> It is very smooth...but sometime it's still stuttering a little bit though
> it's drastically better than yesterday.
> My guess is it's maybe related to frame-rate issues. The movie is typically
> in 23.976 fps, the tv is currently setup @ 60fps. I'll try @ 24 fps and @
> 30
> fps later.
> Or maybe is it still related to bitrate (it's an action a galaxy
> far, far away...) in fast sequences and thus maybe the "queue" elements
> should be tuned as well in their size ?

As it's 4K, you can tune the queue before the display sink with a larger
max size. E.g. max-size-byte=0 (unlimited)

Though, at this level, the stutter could be cause by colliding events in
your compositor, or GPU spike if the GPU is being used. Wayland have
mechanism to improve accuracy further, bit this is not yet implemented.

> Karim
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