dynamic pipeline -- notify errors during negotiations

Nick_law nicholas at umantec.net
Wed May 5 07:58:41 UTC 2021

Hi I am no pro but I can tell you what I have found thus far.

My assumption is that you already have a a bus signal watch?


you can have a look at the tutorials for setting up the bus and a callback
for error messages


What I did was also create a .dot file where the Gst_error_cb callback is
called to then be able to see what the pipeline looked like when it had an

But something I didn't quite catch from the tutorials was the setting of
environment paths to change debug level and also have the debug output to a


on linux
export GST_DEBUG=4 (or whatever level you want)
export GST_DEBUG_FILE=/tmp/error.log (don't do this if you just want to see
the errors as they happen and have pretty colours etc)

I hope this helps

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