James jam at tigger.ws
Sun May 9 09:17:16 UTC 2021

Guys I have a card producing h264 video (Sensoray 2263)
I would like to view and record output in 1080.
Despite lots of fiddlimg and trying I have not suceeded, so if any body can offer words of wisdom then tnanks.

The video stutters and tears.

The recording yields a file that

mplayer plays with tears
vlc shows s creen of video, then a screen of green, repeats
shotcut, avidemux and handbrake will not open the file.

Using the pipeline, compiled, and an image sixe of 720x576 works without any problen

(settings the CAPS feeds the size back to the cards, so that is an easy way to check)

Here is my pipeline

gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src name=source device=/dev/video2 ! \
            video/x-h264,width=1920,height=1080,framerate=30/1 ! \
            tee name=t \
            t. ! h264parse ! queue ! avdec_h264 ! autovideosink \
	    t. ! h264parse ! mp4mux ! filesink location=myfile.mp4 sync=true


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