Compositor and max-last-buffer-repeat?

Florian Echtler floe at
Sun May 9 07:23:37 UTC 2021

Hello again,

I'm currently using Gstreamer 1.16 with compositor to merge several network 
video streams into one single big stream. This works fine under perfect network 
conditions, but when one of the network streams stalls, then the whole result 
stalls as well, which is not what I want.

 From reading through the docs and source, compositor seems to be based on 
GstVideoAggregator, which offers a max-last-buffer-repeat pad property that 
sounds exactly what I need, but my sink pads don't seem to have that property. 
How can I make the compositor continue running even when some sink pads don't 
have recent buffers?

Best, Florian

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