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Ok, thank you all for the useful information and suggestions

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I echo the suggestions given by Nicolas and Mathieu. But also wanted to add
that, if you chose to continue using TS, there is a “latency” property in
the tsdemux element that you can tweak. By default it is set to 700ms (to
comply with the TS standard), which sounds like the 1s lag you are


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Yes, I understand that I should use RTP, my question is whether to mux
audio and video to a single stream or to send two separate streams (with
RTCP for every stream for synchronization). The first option seems more
fail-safe to me in terms of audio/video synchronization.  However, I tested
also the second option and its latency is lower. I guess that if you
suggested to use WebRTC, I should stick with the second option, because
AFAIK, WebRTC sends separate streams for video and audio.

On Wed, May 19, 2021, 20:54 Nicolas Dufresne <nicolas at> wrote:

Le mercredi 19 mai 2021 à 18:23 +0300, Gregory AE40 via gstreamer-devel a
écrit :
> Hi, thank you for the prompt response.
> I wasn't specific enough, the application will run on a LAN, so I can use
> multicast in order to send only one stream from each PC.
> With WebRTC multicast is not possible, because it requires a separate
> for each receiver.

Yet, you should still use RTP for mulicast. For your use case, just
creating an
RTSP server (using gst-rtp-server library) seem sufficient no ?

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> wrote:
> >  Hey,
> >
> >  I would recommend using webRTC (webrtcbin in the GStreamer context) for
> >  such an application :)
> >
> >  Best,
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