Request pipeline terminate from pulsesink

Tarun Tej K tarun4690 at
Thu May 20 07:33:25 UTC 2021


I need to stop my pipeline from a pulsesink element, whenever pulseaudio
sends a custom defined stream event.
I able to get the event from pulseaudio in the callback -
gst_pulsering_stream_event_cb (
I am looking for the proper way to get the pipeline terminated upon getting
the event from pulseaudio
I am thinking of two options :
1. send EOS from the pulsesink/basesink and use the EOS event in the
application bus callback to stop the pipeline
2. post NULL state msg request to the bus (like how PAUSED is posted upon
CORK stream event currently)
I am not sure if the clean up will be proper with the above two ways.
Is there any better way for the sink elements to request for termination of
the pipeline?
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