seek on filesrc with TS file

Marianna S. Buschle msb at
Fri May 21 06:22:35 UTC 2021


You were right about the `tsparse` being the culprid.

If I use:

filesrc name=replay location=test.ts ! decodebin ! videoconvert ! ximagesink

the seek works fine multiple times.

And I have also found out that the problem of doing NULL and then PLAYING
again is that the pad from tsdemux gets removed on NULL and then gets added
again on PLAYING, but is missing being linked.
Seems that for some reason the Gst.parse_launch() handles the linking
automatically on the first run, but not afterwards...

And now I will also open a bug about this issue.
I just wanted to make sure first that it was not me using things wrong ;)

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