seek on filesrc with TS file

Jan Schmidt jan at
Fri May 21 13:58:14 UTC 2021

On 21/5/21 4:22 pm, Marianna S. Buschle via gstreamer-devel wrote:
> Hi,
> You were right about the `tsparse` being the culprid.
> If I use:
> filesrc name=replay location=test.ts ! decodebin ! videoconvert ! ximagesink
> sync=1
> the seek works fine multiple times.
> And I have also found out that the problem of doing NULL and then PLAYING
> again is that the pad from tsdemux gets removed on NULL and then gets added
> again on PLAYING, but is missing being linked.
> Seems that for some reason the Gst.parse_launch() handles the linking
> automatically on the first run, but not afterwards...
Yes, that's exactly what happens - Gst.parse_launch() attaches a handler 
that tries to connect new pads, but disconnects itself once it succeeds.

You can use : instead of ! as the link operator and it will keep trying 
to link pads forever.

- Jan.

> And now I will also open a bug about this issue.
> I just wanted to make sure first that it was not me using things wrong ;)
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