shout2send issues (maybe a libshout problem?)

ruben malchow ruben.malchow at
Sun May 23 06:25:41 UTC 2021


i've been trying to make gstreamer act as a source for
icecast2, using the shout2send plugin. however - while
some other clients work fine, shout2cast always starts
off trying to upgrade to TLS:

gst-launch-1.0 pulsesrc audiotestsrc ! \
        audioresample ! audioconvert ! \
        vorbisenc ! oggmux ! shout2send port=8001 \
        username=source password=hackme \

leads to this going on the wire:

08:14:01.254460 IP > Flags
[P.], seq 1:129, ack 1, win 502, options [nop,nop,TS val 4087083026 ecr
2604815805], length 128
E...5. at .@.....G>..G....A..s...I......y.....
.....BU.OPTIONS * HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: GStreamer 1.18.4
Connection: Upgrade
Upgrade: TLS/1.0, HTTP/1.1

notice the "connection: upgrade" and "upgrade: tls/1.0 ... " headers.

libshout's current version is 2.4.5, and the release notes
mention this:

> > > Now accept TLS mode “auto” when build without TLS support. <<<

but the versions available here (locally) are:

on fedora 34

> libshout-2.4.3-3.fc34.x86_64

on ubuntu:latest

> libshout3:amd64 2.4.3-1

i am assuming that it should be possible to tell libshout wether
or not to use TLS - would it be possible to change shout2send so that
this is exposed in the parameters?

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