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Wed Nov 3 10:41:21 UTC 2021


I have two threads:

  1.  one is the normal video feed pipeline (getting video, storing video, display video, transferring video by udpsrc),
  2.  and the other threads is to host a gst-rstpserver

I am trying to limit my output bitrate of my gst-rstpserver. Now I measure from wireshark over at the client end (where the video is being consumed)... the bitrate is about 2Mbps. However I was told that the bitrate must be reduced for there are other media incoming and i have to cut it down to around 700kbps

I am coding the gst-rtspserver. Nothing fanciful, just to serve out the video stream

      gchar *pipeline =
            g_strdup_printf ("( udpsrc port=%d name=src0 ! queue ! rtph264depay "
                                       "! rtph264pay config-interval=1 name=pay0 pt=96 )",

         gst_rtsp_media_factory_set_launch (factory,pipeline );

Would like help on suggestion of
       1) what to add on to the pipeline to reduce the bit rate or would need some programming? It seem to me that none of the plugins(udpsrc, rtph264pay has capabilities to limit the bitrate)
       2) it is advisable to adjust the bit rate over at the normal video feed thread? There is encoder over the other end where i can tune the bit rate


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