webrtcbin - adding video stream after connection

Rob Agar rob at engineeredarts.co.uk
Fri Oct 1 16:02:57 UTC 2021

Hi all

Does webrtcbin 1.19.2 allow a sequence like this, adding video after 
connection is established?

 1. open peer connection (with offer from remote browser client)
 2. wait for signalling to reach stable state
 3. add new elements to the pipeline supply video to the /webrtcbin/ element
 4. re-negotiate connection by sending new offer to client & wait for answer
 5. profit

It seems that it should do, but I've had not much success making it 
work.  Sometimes the video will appear in the browser client, but at 
extremely low, intermittent 1-5 fps

Also, should adding elements to the pipeline automatically trigger the 
/on-negotiation-needed/ event/?/



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