Can I use rtsp-server as a repeater of stream between machines?

이병헌 byunghun.lee at
Sun Oct 3 08:26:06 UTC 2021

Hi all

I’m new on gstreamer now.
So If you okay, tell me any clue of my problem.

Recently I need to handle usb camera data.
But there have a problem that a single usb camera can't make multiple connections and streams.
If I use those video data only in one machine, the element “tee” work enough for this case.
But, unfortunately this time, I need to use this single stream within multiple machines.
I mean, I need to use this single stream on machine A, and at that time, send those stream to another machine B.

So I tried search about solutions, and I found about rtsp-server.
With some example codes of rtsp-server, I knew now rtsp-server can be a client and server at the same time.
So my foolish idea is that using rtsp-server as a repeater of single usb stream between machines.

But with several tries, I fail to get video frames from machine A to machine B.
So If It is impossible to do, tell me pls..

Thanks for reading.

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