Embedding MP4 Files with Subtitles

stephen.szabo at eizo.com stephen.szabo at eizo.com
Tue Oct 5 16:34:55 UTC 2021

Hi All,

I'm new to the mailing list so please let me know if this is the incorrect address for questions.

We are looking into embedding subtitles into mp4 files using the mp4mux element but are running into a few issues.
In short it seems like the mp4mux element is able to output the timed text subtitles properly, however there are no elements to actually parse and send timed text data to the mp4mux element. Attempts to use subtitle formats, such as SRT, have all failed, seemingly due to mp4mux being unable to negotiate the text stream.

Detailed information is in the stackoverflow ticket below.

Could anyone please explain how to use the mp4mux element to mux a subtitle text stream with an h.264 video stream?

Thank you,

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