Camera2 API supported gstreamer camera source plugin

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at
Tue Oct 26 12:56:34 UTC 2021

Le mardi 26 octobre 2021 à 14:20 +0530, Sapna kumari via gstreamer-devel a
écrit :
> Hi All,
> I see ahcsrc gstreamer plugin based on Camera1 API. Is there any plugin for
> Camera2 API? I see ahc2src as well but not officially released.
> Is there any plan to add android camera source plugin based on camera2 ?

We need a volunteer to take the patch (that was originally in bugzilla), and
make a MR against the gstreamer/ repo (we are in mono repo now). Then final
review fixes and merge, I believe the code should be fairly complete, but as we
say, the last mile is always the longest.

> Thanks,
> Sapna

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