wasapi2sink - Could not open resource for writing

Jonas Kvinge jonaski at opensuse.org
Tue Apr 5 21:36:51 UTC 2022


When using an audio playbin with wasapi2sink on Windows 11 and setting 
the audio device I'm getting the following error :

Domain: 2662 Code: 6 Error: "Could not open resource for writing."
Debug: "../sys/wasapi2/gstwasapi2ringbuffer.cpp(324): 
gst_wasapi2_ring_buffer_post_open_error (): 
/GstBin:audiobin/GstWasapi2Sink:pipeline-3-wasapi2sink:\nFailed to open 

The same devices works fine with wasapisink.

Example device is: {}.{82631c85-c597-497e-b082-2f80df4461e1}

I get this using CLSID_MMDeviceEnumerator

Do you need to set the device differently with wasapi2sink?


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