Why can't I receive an RTP video stream produced by appsrc?

Daniel Koch - external Daniel.Koch at caresyntax.com
Thu Aug 4 21:50:16 UTC 2022

Hi, there.

I'm trying to use the appsrc element with rtpbin and udpsink to create an RTP sender using the VP8 codec (vp8enc).

This program creates a fake video stream by switching black and white frames every 100 milliseconds. You can see the video by uncommenting the macro USE_AUTOVIDEOSINK.


receiver.sh (using gst-launch-1.0): 

When I run the receiver, I only get the first frame. It doesn't blink. What am I doing wrong?

PS: I'm using libgstreamer 1.20.3 from Ubuntu 22.04.

Thank you,
Daniel Koch

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