intel nuc

James jam at
Tue Aug 16 13:50:33 UTC 2022

Hi guys

I have a NUC. Because of a bug in intel's xorg driver the display has no xv ports. Typical distros enable the modesetting driver, but that display tears lots. xvimagesink, glimagesink, autovideosync work correctly without artifacts.
Using the intel driver (which used i915) the display is perfect, but the videosyncs draw into a frame that contains the background image only.

vlc might use gstreamer, the results are the same.

Has anyone suceeded in using intel's driver and having gstreamer render correctly.
This must appply to the onchip-graphics of gen10 gen11 (more ?) cpus. I see some laptop manufacturers shun the onchip and go for nvidea.

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