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Tue Aug 16 15:26:12 UTC 2022

you can use glimagesink to run on intel's i965 or iris driver to

On Tue, 2022-08-16 at 21:50 +0800, James via gstreamer-devel wrote:
> Hi guys
> I have a NUC. Because of a bug in intel's xorg driver the display has no xv ports. Typical distros enable the modesetting driver, but that display tears lots. xvimagesink, glimagesink, autovideosync work correctly without artifacts.
> Using the intel driver (which used i915) the display is perfect, but the videosyncs draw into a frame that contains the background image only.
> vlc might use gstreamer, the results are the same.
> Has anyone suceeded in using intel's driver and having gstreamer render correctly.
> This must appply to the onchip-graphics of gen10 gen11 (more ?) cpus. I see some laptop manufacturers shun the onchip and go for nvidea.
> Thanks
> James
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