How stream_id hash is generated from input name?

Tomy Elrond tomyelrond at
Sat Aug 20 13:25:47 UTC 2022

I use a funnel element to take multiple input video sources and outputs one
source. In the next element, after the funnel, I want to read stream id of
each video stream.
I have this code:

*static GstFlowReturn gst_hailofilter_transform_ip(GstBaseTransform
*trans,                                                   GstBuffer
*buffer){        GstPad *srcpad = trans->srcpad;        gchar *stream_id =
gst_pad_get_stream_id(srcpad);        std::cout << stream_id << std::endl;*
The function prints following for two input streams:


These "hashes" must be related with input names, because for each input
name it generates the same hash every time. For example:
input name: "file:///tmp/input_video_1.mp4" -> generated hash:
input name: "file:///tmp/input_video_2.mp4" -> generated hash:

Is there any way how to "decode" these hashes to the original string (path
of video file? Or is there some other way to find out stream ids (for
example first input -> 0, second input -> 1)?
Thank you!

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Gstreamer version: 1.16.3
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