latency and delay measurement

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Thu Aug 25 14:54:50 UTC 2022

Hello Saba

Here’s the GStreamer concept of latency: <>

In the network streaming context, the concept of latency can be extended to include the receiver end. More specifically: the time it takes for a sample to be captured, processed, transmitted through the network and finally rendered on the receiver (by a display, for example).

Delay on the other hand, is a bit ambiguous to me. Maybe the contribution of a single element to the overall latency. 

Anyway, best of lucks in your final project.

> On 25 Aug 2022, at 08:21, saba zade via gstreamer-devel <gstreamer-devel at> wrote:
> Hello Sir or Madam
> I'm Saba Zade, a last year electrical engineering student. I am dealing with my final project which is in the video streaming field. I am a bit confused about the definition of delay and latency in different sites. I would be very appreciative if you could explain to me what the gstreamer definition is?
> Thanks in advance,
> Saba Zade.

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