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> Hello Saba
> Here’s the GStreamer concept of latency:
> In the network streaming context, the concept of latency can be extended to
> include the receiver end. More specifically: the time it takes for a sample to
> be captured, processed, transmitted through the network and finally rendered
> on the receiver (by a display, for example).
> Delay on the other hand, is a bit ambiguous to me. Maybe the contribution of a
> single element to the overall latency. 

The delay in GStreamer context is what the pipeline impose in the sink element
to ensure data is not late even if we hit the worst case latency. All the sinks
will render/playback with a delay that will accommodate the largest expected
latency in the system.


> Anyway, best of lucks in your final project.
> > On 25 Aug 2022, at 08:21, saba zade via gstreamer-devel
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> > 
> > Hello Sir or Madam
> > 
> > I'm Saba Zade, a last year electrical engineering student. I am dealing with
> > my final project which is in the video streaming field. I am a bit confused
> > about the definition of delay and latency in different sites. I would be
> > very appreciative if you could explain to me what the gstreamer definition
> > is?
> > 
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Saba Zade.

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