gst_parse_error: no element "vaapih265dec"

Bill Hofmann bill at
Tue Aug 30 02:53:06 UTC 2022

I am building a pipeline using Gst.parse_launch (Python). The pipeline is:

souphttpsrc location="http://localhost/foo.m3u8" !
parsebin ! queue ! vaapih265dec !
video/x-raw,format=P010_10LE ! queue max-size-bytes=100663300 ! kmssink

After a system boot, my program runs. Some percentage of the time, I
receive the error message

gst_parse_error: no element "vaapih265dec"

My program is running as a user service, and it retries/restarts (after
waiting a few seconds). The second, or in some cases the third time it
retries, it works.

This is based on a local build (Ubuntu 22) of GStreamer 1.20.  Any
thoughts? Are there some system services that need to finish initializing?

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