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Thu Dec 1 16:51:55 UTC 2022

   I have a pipelike that decodes an encrypted audio & at the same time it peeks only some intervals to save them in a filesink. A log:
 Linking elements [BaseSrc: [filesrc0], BaseTransform: [aesdec0], Element: [queue0], Element: [rawaudioparse0], Element: [mulawdec0], BaseTransform: [audioconvert0], BaseTransform: [capsfilter0], Element: [mulawenc0], Element: [wavenc0], BaseSink: [filesink0]]
   If I request to seek one interval it works ok & I get the audio. But if I request to seek two or more intervals then the pipeline fails.
   If the audio is not encrypted the pipeline works ok & it does seek all intervals properly.
   Is there anything special that I need to do when the audio is encrypted ? Thank you.
BR,Dan S.
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