Splitmuxsink format-location-full and app sink correlating jpeg frames to specific video

Dwight Kulkarni dwight at realtime-7.com
Fri Dec 2 20:58:56 UTC 2022

Hi all,

I have a pipeline which contains a splitmuxsink and an appsink serving jpeg

In order to keep track of the video sequence, I have a sequence counter
that is incremented when format-location-full callback occurs.

Separately, the appsink produces a "new-sample" callback.

I need to correlate the specific jpeg frame to the sequence, so I read the
current sequence counter value with thread safety implemented. However,
sometimes I am finding some of the Jpeg frames are referring to the earlier
sequence, as if the "new-sample" callback for the next video occurs and
then a short time later the "format-location-full" callback occurs.

This causes few of the frames to be associated with the earlier video not
the current one.

Is there a pattern or method to correct this?


Dwight Kulkarni
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