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Tue Dec 13 13:15:48 UTC 2022

On Tue, 2022-12-13 at 16:12 +0330, Masoud MJ wrote:
> I have another question about rust binding.
> I'm currently writing a webrtc mcu using rust and gstreamer.
> I get video tracks from webrtc peer using webrtc-rs crate and forward
> them to gstreamer and then I will arrange them in grid layout form
> using compositor element and then get output using appsink element
> and then forward that to other webrtc peer.

OOC, why are you not using GStreamer's webrtc implementation? Last time
I checked, webrtc-rs was rather incomplete in comparison.

> Now the problem is when I try to add a new webcam video track to
> compositor , the compositor element will sometimes (completely
> randomly) does not work correctly.
> for example the place of new webcam in compositor will be black (it
> seems not added to compositor but in debug dot file it exists in
> normal form) or sometimes will be added to compositor fast and
> sometimes will be added to compositor after about 10 seconds or ...
> In summary sometimes it behaves totally weird and I don't know where
> the problem is.
> I'll attach the code and debug dot file , hope you will help me,

Hard to say without having runnable code and a way to reproduce the
problem locally.
My best guess is that you're getting timestamping wrong of the data you
inject into the pipeline, and/or you're not setting start-time-
selection=first on the compositor.

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