Using nlecomposition and nlesource

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Tue Dec 13 15:41:18 UTC 2022


I am trying to do some nonlinear stuff and trying to use NLE elements from
GES. I have nlecomposition, which contains nlesource, which in turn
contains nleurisource. However, every time try to put pipeline into playing
state, I get this:
ERROR         nlecomposition
nlecomposition.c:1812:_seek_current_stack:<composition> Can't seek because
no pad available - no children in the composition ready to be used, the
duration is 0, or not committed yet

I tried to use audio test source added to nlesource, and I got same issue
as well. When I have just nlesource added to composition, it doesn't
trigger error, but obviously it doesn't have anything to play.

Poking at logs *:5 it looks like nlesource has issues connecting pads with
child - it tried to connect to sink for audio test source, which did not
make sense.

Any suggestions and hints would be appreciated :)

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