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Fri Dec 23 18:31:51 UTC 2022

On Fri, 23 Dec 2022 16:39:49 +0100
Peter Maersk-Moller via gstreamer-devel <gstreamer-devel at> wrote:

> Hi Zac
> Welcome to the Zoomers, Zoomers that want everything for nothing and the
> fact they know nothing should not burden or hinder them, according to
> themselves. They are fantastic according to their parents and their
> participation medals and trophies.  You must understand that a tool like
> GStreamer should adapt to their level of ignorance and their unwillingness
> to focus for 10 minutes on a single topic should not matter. After all,
> they are the future .... for better or worse.

What a fascinating, yet completely irrelevant rant. Thanks for that, loser. 

It may interest you to learn I am a Millenial, (if learning is something you are actually interested in), and a rather accomplished one at that. Computing? Yeah, that's old news to me. I've been doing this shit for decades.

As a matter of fact, I am typing this comment from my own custom Linux operating system. This OS now has well over a thousand packages on it, and all of it cross compiles to x86, x86_64, and soon ARM also. It can be configured with either OpenSSL or LibreSSL as the system SSL library, and with either glibc or musl as the C standard library. All of this I built myself, FROM SCRATCH.

By the way, computing is only ONE of my hobbies. As a polymath, I have many other areas of expertise also. How about you douchebags? Any of you losers have ANY talent at all? Clearly user interface design isn't one of your strengths.

Yes, I am in fact Well Fucking Qualified to do a Simple Goddamn Task like using gstreamer to split a video stream in two, feed a copy of it to V4L2, and another copy to SRT. It's not rocket science; at least it shouldn't be. But after battling with gstreamer ALL DAY LONG, UNTIL WELL AFTER MIDNIGHT, I finally gave up in frustration on this piece of shit and tried ffmpeg. 

Guess what--ONE simple command line accomplished ths SIMPLE FUCKING GOAL I'd spent AN ENTIRE DAY in vain trying to accomplish with your FUCKING SHITWARE:

ffmpeg -i srt://localhost:4003 -f v4l2 /dev/video53

It's raw video, but who gives a FUCK! The only time I ever got gstreamer to work with raw video, it worked great for about 30 seconds--then it suddenly started bogging down for no explainable reason. Which makes it completely useless for my use case, in case you were wondering. Approximately 19,999 of the other 20,000 combinations I tried failed immediately, despite seeming to be a perfectly fine configuration. The error messages, needless to say, were COMPLETELY USELESS in figuring out the trouble.

Clearly, judging by your united response to my very frustrated email, you swine are perfectly happy with your shitware just as it is. You see no reason to improve this garbage. In fact, you are extremely offended at the idea that anyone would DARE to criticize your precious FUCKING SHITWARE. The horror! 

So please, just ignore my well-deserved criticism, climb back inside your ASSHOLE, and go back to rolling around in a mud hole, like the FUCKING SWINE you are.


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