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> Hi
> Il ven 23 dic 2022, 20:25 Peter Maersk-Moller via gstreamer-devel <
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>> Hi Zac.
>> So true. That said, it could be a problem though now we also have the
>> hate of the almighty. Maybe we need to fix that with the next major update
>> release.
> Is this a real conversation or just a joke?
> I think first of all mailing list should have some kind of way to avoid
> landing of those no sense emails.

Mailing list moderation is an after fact. A bit like our CI before gitlab,
that would catch issues after it was merged and shared with everyone.

> Happy Christmas
> Michael
>> On Fri, Dec 23, 2022 at 8:17 PM Zachary Hueras via gstreamer-devel <
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>>> He does make a valid point: it's not a generational problem. There are
>>> entitled, self-aggrandizing narcissists in every generation.
>>> I honestly wasn't expecting much for Christmas this year, but
>>> schadenfreude? I love it!
>>> ~Zac
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>>> *Subject:* Re: Love the idea of gstreamer; HATE the execution -- BUT I
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>>> > Hi Zac
>>> >
>>> > Welcome to the Zoomers, Zoomers that want everything for nothing and
>>> the
>>> > fact they know nothing should not burden or hinder them, according to
>>> > themselves. They are fantastic according to their parents and their
>>> > participation medals and trophies.  You must understand that a tool
>>> like
>>> > GStreamer should adapt to their level of ignorance and their
>>> unwillingness
>>> > to focus for 10 minutes on a single topic should not matter. After all,
>>> > they are the future .... for better or worse.
>>> >
>>> What a fascinating, yet completely irrelevant rant. Thanks for that,
>>> loser.
>>> It may interest you to learn I am a Millenial, (if learning is something
>>> you are actually interested in), and a rather accomplished one at that.
>>> Computing? Yeah, that's old news to me. I've been doing this shit for
>>> decades.
>>> As a matter of fact, I am typing this comment from my own custom Linux
>>> operating system. This OS now has well over a thousand packages on it, and
>>> all of it cross compiles to x86, x86_64, and soon ARM also. It can be
>>> configured with either OpenSSL or LibreSSL as the system SSL library, and
>>> with either glibc or musl as the C standard library. All of this I built
>>> myself, FROM SCRATCH.
>>> By the way, computing is only ONE of my hobbies. As a polymath, I have
>>> many other areas of expertise also. How about you douchebags? Any of you
>>> losers have ANY talent at all? Clearly user interface design isn't one of
>>> your strengths.
>>> Yes, I am in fact Well Fucking Qualified to do a Simple Goddamn Task
>>> like using gstreamer to split a video stream in two, feed a copy of it to
>>> V4L2, and another copy to SRT. It's not rocket science; at least it
>>> shouldn't be. But after battling with gstreamer ALL DAY LONG, UNTIL WELL
>>> AFTER MIDNIGHT, I finally gave up in frustration on this piece of shit and
>>> tried ffmpeg.
>>> Guess what--ONE simple command line accomplished ths SIMPLE FUCKING GOAL
>>> I'd spent AN ENTIRE DAY in vain trying to accomplish with your FUCKING
>>> ffmpeg -i srt://localhost:4003 -f v4l2 /dev/video53
>>> It's raw video, but who gives a FUCK! The only time I ever got gstreamer
>>> to work with raw video, it worked great for about 30 seconds--then it
>>> suddenly started bogging down for no explainable reason. Which makes it
>>> completely useless for my use case, in case you were wondering.
>>> Approximately 19,999 of the other 20,000 combinations I tried failed
>>> immediately, despite seeming to be a perfectly fine configuration. The
>>> error messages, needless to say, were COMPLETELY USELESS in figuring out
>>> the trouble.
>>> Clearly, judging by your united response to my very frustrated email,
>>> you swine are perfectly happy with your shitware just as it is. You see no
>>> reason to improve this garbage. In fact, you are extremely offended at the
>>> idea that anyone would DARE to criticize your precious FUCKING SHITWARE.
>>> The horror!
>>> So please, just ignore my well-deserved criticism, climb back inside
>>> your ASSHOLE, and go back to rolling around in a mud hole, like the FUCKING
>>> SWINE you are.
>>> Dave
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