questions on rtp jitterbuffer

Pradeep Acharya pradeep.acharya1008 at
Thu Dec 29 09:29:56 UTC 2022

   i'm using webtcbin plugin to develop video SFU server. . we see video
freezing very often on the browser side as the frames get dropped and when
PLI requests are sent by the browser, it's forwarded to the appropriate
client to generate the keyframe. video freeze recovers when the browser
sends a key frame..
  SDP negotiations for RTX payload are proper and RTX packets are also sent
and received properly by client and our SFU server.

As per the jitterbuffer logs, However, in some situations , when the RTT
time increases to ~200ms , if packets are not arrived with-in the
configured jitter buffer latency (for example 500ms), the packets are
dropped by rtpjitterbuffer. Even the RTX packets sent by the client are
dropped. What are changes required to be done in rtpjitterbuffer element so
that packets are not dropped ?

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