IDE for develop GStreamer applications

David Ing ding at
Wed Jan 5 17:16:37 UTC 2022

If you are okay using CMake then I think the best IDE is CLion.
Unfortunately it isn't free, but the price is reasonable.  (I think there
is a 30 day trial period.)

The gstreamer project itself uses Meson, which is supported by some IDEs
none of which I like (  So I
tend to build gstreamer separately (or on Windows I just download the
official build).

In terms of integrating gstreamer with a CMake project:  You can manually
figure out how to twiddle your CMakeLists.txt file, or you can see if Conan
can do it for you.  There is a conan recipe for gstreamer, but I never
tried it:  I recommend learning to use
Conan with CMake, but I cannot vouch for the gstreamer recipe because I
have never tried it.

On Wed, Jan 5, 2022 at 9:03 AM Daniel G. Campos via gstreamer-devel <
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> Dear Friends :
> Thanks to all of you for your support and happy new year to all.
> I am new with gstreamer and I wanted to use it to develop a c++
> application. From the GStreamer documentation it was easy to download
> the tutorials and compile from command line a simple C application, with
> the pkg-config.
> But I was wonder if someone here in the list uses an IDE to develop any
> GStreamer application, if that is the case, which IDE do you use?
> CodeLite? CodeBLocks? Visual Studio? VSCode?
> I will greatly appreciate if someone uses a free open source IDE, that
> helps me configure it to compile an link it, i cannot find a proper way
> to use g++ to compile a simple application with CodeLite, for example.
> it is ideal for a free code i am writing.
> Thanks to all, best regards,
> Daniel
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