IDE for develop GStreamer applications

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Wed Jan 5 17:19:27 UTC 2022

Probably the a way to get a start is to use Visual Code with some project
generation like cmake or meson.
VS code is fairly easy to use and configure and offers most of the features
out of the box and has some plugins for cmake.

You need to try and understand what works for you. But I suggest the first
step to decide on the build system as the first step (like cmake).

Otherwise you can move to vim, which is hard at the beginning but rewarding
at the end.


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> Dear Friends :
> Thanks to all of you for your support and happy new year to all.
> I am new with gstreamer and I wanted to use it to develop a c++
> application. From the GStreamer documentation it was easy to download
> the tutorials and compile from command line a simple C application, with
> the pkg-config.
> But I was wonder if someone here in the list uses an IDE to develop any
> GStreamer application, if that is the case, which IDE do you use?
> CodeLite? CodeBLocks? Visual Studio? VSCode?
> I will greatly appreciate if someone uses a free open source IDE, that
> helps me configure it to compile an link it, i cannot find a proper way
> to use g++ to compile a simple application with CodeLite, for example.
> it is ideal for a free code i am writing.
> Thanks to all, best regards,
> Daniel
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