all but first file of splitmuxsink are corrupted

tom tomschuring at
Thu Jan 13 02:00:46 UTC 2022

trying to split a video stream using splitmuxsink like:

gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc is-live=true ! videoconvert ! video/x-raw !
queue !  x264enc bitrate=2000000 ! h264parse  ! splitmuxsink
muxer=matroskamux max-size-time=20000000000
 location=/data/videos/afile%05d.mkv -v -e

I'm finding that the first file afile00000.mkv works alright, and although
the next files ( afile00001.mkv , afile00002.mkv ) play in vlc, the time
indicator is always at the end of the timeline as if it was playing a live
talks about :

The minimum file size is 1 GOP, however - so limits may be overrun if the
distance between any 2 keyframes is larger than the limits.

If a video stream is available, the splitting process is driven by the
video stream contents, and the video stream must contain closed GOPs for
the output file parts to be played individually correctly. In the absence
of a video stream, the first available stream is used as reference for

is this the reason of the weird/corrupted files ? and if so, how can i set
the GOP ?
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