Images into video streams (Matt Clark)

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Thu Mar 10 07:47:58 UTC 2022


You have a non-negotiated error, that means you have problems with the CAPS.
So you need to investigate that.

Try running with: GST_DEBUG=*:3,GST_CAPS:5
In order to get more information about the CAPS available and trying to 
be negotiated.

Also, I vaguely recall some cases where you might need to specify the 
CAPS in the input and output of the compositor to get it to work properly.

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On 08.03.2022 22.32, gstreamer-devel-request at wrote:
> (Sorry if this duplicates, I thought I had fully signed up for the mailing
> list before trying to send this the first, but it seems it didn't
> go through. So now that I know I'm on the mailing list I hope this wont
> mess anything up.)
> *Context:* I'm making a server that composites various sources of media
> into a video stream(like a 2x2 grid from different sources for instance)
> and supports multiple streams at the same time (including being able to
> update those pipelines dynamically with web calls in the future). One
> source is an image(image/png) that gets generated upon request by a
> separate microservice. I was trying to use an Appsrc to pull the image and
> then push it into a PngDec --> ImageFreeze and then link that to the
> composite element with the sink properties for which part of the grid it
> should show on.
> I've got it pulling the image and pushing that buffer, but I'm getting the
> error below, and I'm not sure exactly what's causing it.
> *Questions:*
> 1. What do you think is happening and what's the best way to resolve it?
> 2. Is there a better way for me to do this?
> 3. Knowing that I plan to have multiple streams pulling from multiple
> sources and want to update them live, any pointers?
> *Error:*
> should have image
> should have image in pipeline: Ok
> Error from
>> Some("/GstPipeline:pipeline_6be3b6be-0767-49db-a2b1-26708950261b/GstAppSrc:vsource0_top_left"):
>> Internal data stream error. (Some("../libs/gst/base/gstbasesrc.c(3127):
>> gst_base_src_loop ():
>> /GstPipeline:pipeline_6be3b6be-0767-49db-a2b1-26708950261b/GstAppSrc:vsource0_top_left:\nstreaming
>> stopped, reason not-negotiated (-4)"))
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