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Sun Mar 20 18:52:24 UTC 2022


   I need to increase performance on an application that uses gstreamer. The original pipeline used was:

"udpsrc name=udpsrc retrieve-sender-address=false reuse=false port=0 caps="application/x-rtp, media=(string)audio, payload=0, clock-rate=(int)8000" ! rtppcmudepay ! queue ! appsink name=appsink emit-signals=true sync=false async=false"

   With that pipeline, I would get every 20ms a buffer size of 160 bytes. The initial developer has written in the callback a procedure to accumulate that buffer up to a certain size before processing it.
   Since the app in java (and even if it was not), calling a callback every 20ms is a no go - for me at least.
   The app does not need to process the audio and it's main role is to convert the rtp pkt into a grpc pkt to be sent out to Azure cloud for processing etc...

   I'm looking for such a way that the appsink callback is executed when a certain size (configurable possibly) is available.  From my colleagues I got the following pipeline:

"udpsrc name=udpsrc address="${application.gstreamer.ipAddress}" retrieve-sender-address=false reuse=false port={port} caps="application/x-rtp, media=(string)audio, payload=0, clock-rate=(int)8000" timeout=10000000000 ! rtppcmudepay ! rawaudioparse sample-rate=48000 num-channels=1 ! audiobuffersplit output-buffer-duration=1/2 ! appsink name=appsink emit-signals=true sync=false async=false"

   Which improved the buffer size. But I'm uncomfortable with it for few reasons:

  *   1st - I do not see why I need to parse the audio
  *   2nd - the audiobuffersplit does not allow me have different buffer size in appsink

   I just need a pipeline that extracts the audio from the RTP packet and adds each buffer upto a certain size then pass that buffer to appsink which will be sent out via grpc.

   I've tried different cases but I failed to find the correct pipeline. Any suggestions ?!? Thank you.

Dan S.
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