Playbin: SSL certificate checking

Maksim Liauchuk maksim_liauchuk at
Sun Mar 20 21:59:54 UTC 2022

Hi there,

Please bear with me if that's not a good channel for asking questions.
I use gstreamer as audio backend in my app. Playbin is easy to use and fulfills all my requirements.
Employer's Windows laptop has self-signed root CA cert, which is installed by IT automatically. Unfortunately, gstreamer doesn't see it and fails to play streams with "Secure connection setup failed" error. I tried also to put the cert into gstreamer/1.0/msvc_x86_64/etc/ssl/certs/, but still no luck.
Is there a way to disable strict SSL validation for Playbin? What I've seen so far is advice to switch over to souphttpsrc (, but that's something I'd like to avoid, as I work with both streams and local files.
Or maybe you could help to find out where gstreamer looks for certificates?

Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,

  Maksim Liauchuk

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