mfh264enc crash

umit sivri sivrumit at
Thu Mar 31 06:20:28 UTC 2022

I searched net for a better location to report but wasn't able to. If I'm making a mistake by reporting here, please correct me.
Below pipeline crashes in gstreamer 1.20 stable:
 .\gst-launch-1.0.exe videotestsrc is-live=true ! video/x-raw,format=RGB,width=1608,height=1080,pixel-aspect-ratio=1/1,framerate=25/1 ! videoconvert ! mfh264enc bitrate=8000 low-latency=true quality-vs-speed=30 ! h264parse ! mpegtsmux ! filesink location=test.ts

When mfh264enc is changed to openh264enc or x264enc, pipeline works just fine.
I couldn't find mfh264enc plugin source code anywhere online, too.

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