Question about static build GStreamer library still uses GLib2 dynamically

Neil C Smith neil at
Mon May 9 12:49:22 UTC 2022

On Sun, 8 May 2022 at 08:15, scerveau via gstreamer-devel
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> According to my understanding the problem is related to the JAVA binding and how they load the libraries.
> It seems that is not ready to use gstreamer-full.
> You should open an issue or propose a patch to support gstreamer-full there.

Caveat - I don't have time to dive too deeply into this at the moment,
and it's not something that I know has been done, but ..

This should be achievable by using system properties to change the
name of the library that is looked up - eg. setting
gstreamer.GNative.nameFormats to just be the name of the static
library might work OK.

To save messing with the path, it should also be feasible to use JNA's
NativeLibrary::addSearchPath for the native library.

If there are still issues, try setting the system property
jna.debug_load=true and see if there's any further info.

Feel free to follow up on our mailing list / issue tracker.

Hope that helps.

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